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Mass, mobilisation and reserve forces

In learning lessons from Ukraine, most of our major allies have recognised that the affordable route back to providing mass on the battlefield in war is the development of reserve forces in peace. This study compares our Army Reserve to the reserve ground forces of our major Five Eyes allies, who share our expeditionary focus - and volunteer tradition. It shows how expanding our reserve capability and learning lessons from our sister countries can deliver mass, draw on civilian skills and reconnect Defence with the wider nation. Papers on air and maritime reserves are to follow. Paper is here


  1. An excellent article that really understands the value of enlarging the army reserve force from it's current levels. The idea of tapping into universities further as a part of the recruitment process in a pertinent one, which was sadly missing when I attended back in the early 2000s, but there were plenty of students who enjoyed playing sports and would have loved the adventure and discipline that joining the reserves offers.

  2. An enlightened paper which illustrates how easy it should be for the UK to expand its Armed Forces which have been diminished by HMG over the past decade. Ukraine has demonstrated that civilians possess modern specialist skills, motivation and determination to succeed when combined with experienced military leadership and tactics. It is a winning partnership which has mass. Sir Julian describes how it can be brought about, Ministers should take heed and act to capture the initiative for the UK.

  3. What a simple and exquisite solution Sir Julian provides to an obvious military shortfall. It taps into the volunteer ethos of civilians keen for excitement, helping their country and particularly the UK Armed Forces, and ready to provide their skills to benefit the UK. Realistically the Armed Forces can never compete with the fast-moving technologists in commerce and industry and Government will not pay to train and retain sufficient numbers. I hope this idea is seized upon by the new MOD team - even if they claim the credit for this cost-effective solution for an expanded military force. Highly sophisticated, already trained and double the size - all for less than half the cost.


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