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Articles and papers by Julian Brazier

Here are some of the articles and papers I have written, mostly in the last decade. 

The need for a larger role for citizens in Defence

Improving Britain's approach to Equipment Procurement

Lebanon - the key to the Middle East - an opportunity for Britain

Military History

A novel set in the time of King Alfred, the man Winston Churchill described as the greatest Englishman of all time.

An article for the online US Civil War Book review magazine. It reviews The Cousins' Wars, by Kevin Phillips, best known as one of Ronald Reagan's speechwriters. 

The book traces the roots of America's Civil war to the 16th Century struggle in England. Brazier praises its remarkable scholastic depth but argues that it suffers from a strong Whig Protestant bias, in its analysis of the English Civil War, and especially in its failure to recognise that struggle's roots in the Reformation a century before. He argues that Phillips puts too much emphasis on economics and not enough on social structure.

An account of the military life of Garnet Wolseley, Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Modern Major General' who as military secretary to Cardwell invented the geographic regimental system, moving the Army from numbered regiments to county-based ones. The commander on a series of campaigns, he also played a critical role in developing military technology: Military History Monthly May 2012

An account of history's most written about battle and America's bloodiest: Gettysburg. Modern pundits often suggest either that a Union victory was probably inevitable or that Lee failed to spot an opportunity on the Union Right flank. This analysis suggests that the supposed opportunity on the right was illusory and that, far from being inevitable, on each of the three days the Confederacy came close to a breakthrough, with the deaths and/or incapacitations of key commanders critical in saving the Union on the first two. He also points to the understated steadiness and consistency of Meade in his role as Union commander. 4 parts: Military History Monthly June - September 2013.

The XD Operations. One small TA unit, operating under Naval command in small parties destroyed more oil in 1940 than Hitler's estimated prewar reserves Military History Monthly April 2018